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Tertiary or Advanced wastewater units, Denitrification, Granular Activated Carbon Treatment, Powdered Activated Carbon Treatment, Air Stripping, Chlorination, Ozonation, Electro-dialysis, Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet Treatment, Example, O&M, Design of Units using ADTREATSOFT02.


Duration of Program:- 1 Day (10 AM - 6 PM)


Venue:- Prachi Services Inc, B-36, Dhake Park, N.N.Road No-1, Jogeshwari(East), Mumbai:-400060.


Fees of program:- Indian Rs. 2950/- per participant. (including GST 18%) or US $40/- per participant. This will cover program Documentation (Electronic), Tea/Coffee and Lunch.


To and fro Travelling Expenses, Lodging and Boarding arrangement to be borne by trainees.


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Design and Operation of Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, Code: ADTREATSOFT




ETPSOFT04 covers majority of the conventional units. But recently more focus is given on reuse and recycle. For this purpose advanced treatment needs to be given and hence knowledge of units such as Reverse Osmosis, Nitrification-denitrification, Electrodialysis etc is required. This certificate program gives the same as well as the hands on experience of using ADTREASOFT02 in which design of these units is covered.

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