Effluent Treatment Plant Design SOFTware : ETPSOFT 02


Rapid industrialization has resulted in widespread pollution of water bodies. Various countries have enacted acts to protect the water quality. In India, the concerned act is Water Act 1974. As per these acts, before disposing the wastewater, permission of the concerned authority/pollution control board has to be taken by the concerned industry/organization. While giving such permission in the form of consent letter, the authority stipulates the quality of treated effluent. It becomes  therefore necessary to design an Effluent Treatment Plant. The design procedure involves performing repetitive calculations which take considerable time and energy and there are chances of human error. All this can be avoided by using ETPSOFT02 for designing the Effluent Treatment Plant.        

What are the main features of this software?

A) Primary Treatment

1. Screens     2. Grit Chamber    3. Primary Sedimentation Tank   

B) Secondary Treatment

4. Activated Sludge Process (Aeration Tank) : a) Conventional    b) Complete Mix    c) Extended Aeration 

5. Trickling Filter : a) Low Rate    b) High Rate    

6. Rotating Biological Contactor

7. Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Reactor

8.  Secondary Sedimentation Tank

C) Sludge Treatment

9. Anaerobic Digester : a) Low Rate    b) High Rate

10. Sludge Drying Beds

11. Sewage Pumping Station

12 Aerated Lagoons

Who can use ETPSOFT02?

This software is  ideally useful for the consultants in the field of Effluent Treatment.  Engineers from regulatory bodies such as State Pollution Control Boards and  Government and Semi-Government organizations such as State Industrial Development Corporations   and Water Supply and Sewerage Boards and Industry can use it for cross checking the design submitted by the consultant or even for designing the ETP in-house! Academic institutions can use it for thorough understanding of the ETP design methodology by the students.

What are the benefits of purchasing ETPSOFT02 ?

Considerable amount of time and energy in performing repetitive calculations and referring various books and manuals is saved. This in turn will result in increased accuracy and profitability . The chances of manual error are considerably minimized. After purchasing this software, you will become our registered buyer who is entitled for free technical support for first six months with respect to existing facilities in the software. You will be also communicated about further developments in ETPSOFT02. 

Who has developed this software?

ETPSOFT02 is developed by Prachi Services. Feedback from eminent persons from the field is incorporated in this software. The books extensively referred during the development of this software are : a) GOI Manual on Sewerage and Sewage Treatment b) Wastewater Engineering : Metcalf & Eddy, McGraw Hill Intl Editions c) Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants by S. R. Quasim.

How ETPSOFT01 can be purchased? 

ETPSOFT01 can be purchased for Rs. 12,000.00 or US $ 300.00 for signle user version whereas for Rs. 18000.00 or US $450 for five user version. The cheque/DD drawn in favour of "Prachi Services" payable at Mumbai along with work order may please be sent at Prachi Services, B-36, Dhake Park, N.N. Road No. 1, Jogeshwari(East) Mumbai 400060 INDIA. The software will be delivered by courier after realization of cheque/DD.

The license fees will be 15% of the cost of software per annum. Under this you are entitled to get regular updates of the software.